J.K. Pasture Rabbitry

We raise Netherland Dwarf rabbits and Champagne D’Argent rabbits!

Meet some of our rabbits below!


Fizz is our beautiful lilac buck. He is the eldest Netherland Dwarf at 4 years old and has earned the nickname, Papa Fizz. He is a sweet boy who enjoys sitting on laps and getting love.


Cupcake is a 2 year old chocolate doe who loves to explore new places. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE


Maple is an agouti buck who will soon be 3 years old and can be a shy boy. He warms up quickly with a few yummy treats and enjoys being held.


Mavis is a black doe who is 2 years old. Her favorite game is hide and seek. She is dam (mother) to many of our other rabbits including Cutie Pie, Hugsy, Chestnut, Dracula, Shadow, and Mini.


Inky is a broken black buck and is almost a year old. He is our farm goofball and loves getting attention.


Swampy is an opal American Fuzzy Lop buck who is just the sweetest! He loves attention and enjoys snuggles.


Bluey is a 2 year old blue buck. He is new to our family, but it is easy to tell he is a very sweet boy!


Swiss is our chocolate buck. He is a false dwarf, so he is a big boy with a big heart!


Sunny is an orange doe, who has a very fun and spunky personality.


Shadow is a black buck who was born last October. He is a bit shy, but very sweet.


Mini is a black buck who was born last October. He was the smallest kit in the litter and if you ask him… the CUTEST!


Panda is a broken black buck with a personality very similar to his sire (father), Inky!


Casper is a Champagne De ’Argent Buck.

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin is a Blue Netherland Dwarf Doe. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Cake Crumbs & Blueberry Cobbler

Both Crumbs & Cobbler are Netherland Dwarves. Crumbs is a doe, and Cobbler is a Buck.


Winni is an American Fuzzy Lop doe.


Zero is a mixed breed doe who loves attention.


Pepsi is a chocolate doe. CURRENTLY UNAVAIALBE

Honorable Mention

Nibbler (6/1/2018-6/28/2022)

Nibbler, affectionately known as Nibby, was a New Zealand Doe and was our very first rabbit. She loved spinach and dandelions as snacks. She enjoyed hanging out with other animals, especially our cats. She was the bunny who stole our hearts and is the reason we fell in love with raising rabbits.

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